Song Diaries #1 ~ Fireflies by Owl City

Listen to this song first, and then after your done, replay it while reading this. Preferably listen only without watching the music video, since it’s the atmosphere of the song I want you to get.



In South Africa we have a number of Afrikaans centered holiday resorts called the ATKV. One of them, Hartenbos (the bush of hearts), is situated by the east coast. Aside from the beach, there are always a number of cultural activities during the holidays; famous artists would come, beach games would be played and a number of food fairs would be held.

During the nigh my sister and I were at a small amusement park which also has arcade machines and excellent music. We liked a specific ride, called the Breakdance. If you can do a Google image search of it to understand what it’s about. On the ride you are basically in a seat which revolves in a high speed over the platform, doing all sorts of crazy movements… like a break-dance I guess.

Here’s a picture of a similar one I found on the internet. 800px-Breakdance-Mueller_Corny.jpg

So picture a perfect holiday night teen atmosphere with people running around, rides going crazy with lights, a clear sky and Fireflies by Owl City playing in the air…

I really enjoyed that ride that one night. And that night I noticed a girl. She also liked the ride.  I can barely remember how she looks. All I can recall is her beautiful, long brown hair and her extremely mysterious look as she sat on that ride while Fireflies played.

After that night I think I saw her once more in the same place at night and with the same song. And now, I don’t know how many years later, every time I hear this song I still recall that place, that atmosphere, with this song, with that girl.