A short while back I wrote this post about dreams I’ve had last month, and years ago. I have two more to add. Just dreams that were very uncomfortable.

(Edit: there’s also this one where dreamed how the sky was literally filled with stars, galaxies, and nebulae)

The first was on Sunday morning. I dreamt I was dying. My friends were there with me. I really, really, did not want to die. And yet I know I would resurrect. In fact I think I did, and my friends were a bit disappointed. They thought I deceived them. I can’t remember correctly but I think he had to die again.

The second was a day or two ago. I dreamt someone was breaking into my car. I could hear him. So I actually had the guts to go outside and confront him. It’s uncomfortable as a dream because my car is parked within the gates of our house. I saw he messed up the radio trying to remove it. The police soon arrived. I knew this one officer was corrupt. He wanted to shoot me. But I had trust in the other cops that they would stop him. And they did.

The third dream is not so dense, but I dreamt I saw that girl again. That one who started this blog. We met along the road. Man did I miss her! And hugging her felt so real. I think we spend a while talking and stuff. I can’t remember the rest.

My father thinks the dream of my death is symbolises the fact that my life as I know it is coming to an end. My studies are ending and (hopefully) next year I will find a job. Maybe.

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