Last year I went on Twitter, got a match, and proceeded to become irrationally attached to a girl I haven’t met yet. And the day we did meet was absolutely awful.

So of course I should use the app again, right?

So I did. This is going to sound incredibly condescending, but I noticed a number of things most girls on the app do and say. The majority of them have pictures of themselves in either swimming clothes, or out right underwear. Like, come on?

A lot, if not most of them, say or have the following:

  • I like adventures!
  • I like deep conversations
  • If you can’t handle me at my worst, I respect you having boundaries
  • I’m weed friendly!
  • A rainbow flag
  • Looking for someone to skip class with!

This is so incredibly generic. But I’m sure they get a lot of matches. I just had to point this out.

Just fyi, I know some people will see this as the post of some incel who is just frustrated. No. I know 22 people “liked” me. This is not much of an achievement as that is 22 in four or five weeks. I’m not bragging (I know attractive guys probably get a tonne of matches a day), but I just want to silence the “incel” response. Of these 22 I only came across three of them, and I only decided to swipe right one of these three.

This one I swiped right on looked interesting. Introverted, likes books, a Christian. Her one picture was so fascinating. Only a picture of her face with her chin on her hands I think. Short hair and brown eyes. Usually such short hair is a turn off. But her whole face seemed so refined. Her second picture made her look terribly old and mature, even though she’s still young. Then her third picture… a picture of just a nice smiling girl. And yet wearing neither fashionable nor traditional clothes. But her fourth picture sucked again. But all in all, a super like!

Anyway, we started talking about our tastes in books and music. There were actually some overlap between the two. She liked crime and detective books. I like Crime and Punishment and Father Brown. She knew the latter. And with music I said my favourite is Michael W. Smith, and she said she often listens to him after a long day. After this I wanted to know what movies she likes…

It was late at night so I didn’t expect a response. Then today I wanted to check something she said, only to notice she unmatched me. The last thing she said is that she likes my taste in music.

I was a bit surprised to be honest. I thought she we would talk for at least another few days to just get a broader superficial idea of what we like or dislike. I did expect her to ghost me eventually. In fact I hoped for it. I was thinking about how I was making the same problems for myself as I did last year. However, at the same time another side of me did have some hope. That same naive hope… But I suppressed this side.

But to just simply vanish, after a compliment, just seemed a bit strange. It’s a good thing I suppose. It was just something interesting, and it didn’t come to a point where I could take it personal or she could hurt my feelings.

So I spent a few hours swiping… just to get tired, pause my account, and uninstall the app.

Hopefully never again, but who knows?

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