This problem has been bugging me for years now. It is widespread, shameful and dangerous. What is the problem? Christian euphemisms.

If you’re a Christian, I challenge you with this question: “When’s the last time you mentioned the NAME ‘Jesus’ to someone?”.

Think about it.

Or did you use “religion” or “faith”? Why those euphemisms? Why are you ashamed of his name?

Consider this: in a normal discussion on people’s salvation, we should be talking in a way like this: “I pity these people who have not experienced Christ’s grace in their lives, who are not saved and who don’t have Jesus as a friend”.

Yet instead of that we have something like this: “These people are so lost. They follow the wrong faith. If only they knew what religion is right”. Or perhaps it is a tad bit better, but more awkward: “I pity these people, who, you know, don’t know HIM [euphemism], you know, God”.

What the hell, man? I know we all do this, but we should stop. This is shameful.


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