Ngiyakubona. Wena umuhle. Wenzani ephusheni lami? Ufike lapha nini? Angikufuni lapha. Angikufuni kodwa ngiyakudinga. Ngiyakuthanda futhi ngifuna ukukuqabula kodwa angifuni ukukubona.

If you speak isiZulu, please let me know where I should improve. 


*I corrected the “ephupho” to “epusheni”


3 thoughts on “First isiZulu Attempt (short)

  1. Sawubona, yebo, ngi khuluma IsiZulu nje ngo limi loku qala.

    You wrote such beautiful IsiZulu there, it’s perfect.

    “ePhusheni” is right. I don’t know however was “ephupho” would be.

    In IsiZulu, be careful of “e” & “i”, unlike in other languages, the two are very different & can’t write one, but pronounce it to sound like the other. “e” is “eh” and “i” is “ee”.

    You wrote beautifully, keep it up.

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    1. Ngiyabonga kakhulu!

      I only learned isiZulu for a year, but the classes were very… lacking. I feel as though I still know almost nothing.

      In the dictionary, “dream” means “iphupho”. I wanted to say “In my dream”, so initially I thought I would have to change it to “ephupho”. But someone on a (very quiet) Zulu forum corrected it for me. I just have to refresh my knowledge of this a bit.

      But I really appreciate your comment! You inspired me to try another one in the coming weeks. I am reluctant to write more because I have no idea how good or bad it is without someone helping out.

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      1. Thank you, you wrote so beautifully, that excerpt read like it was written by a native speaker of IsiZulu.

        Please keep writing. Well, people have dropped African languages for English in the age of Twitter & Facebook. I’m not surprised those forum are quite.

        Thank you again.


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