You’re the first girl to say you miss me. You’re the first girl to be my friend. You were the first girl to care.

Yet I don’t love you in that way, do I? I think about you a lot. I even, at times, miss you. I rarely miss people. Yet I’m not in love with you, am I? I see you as just a friend, don’t I?
Why then do you take so much of my thoughts? Why then did I love your voice in the voice note you sent me? Why then do I get jealous when other guys speak to you?

You sounded excited to see me again tomorrow after four months – what a long holiday. Yet you will disappointed in me. I’ve seen this before: if you leave a good impression on someone, then in time that person will forget all your bad qualities – both personal and physical (especially physical) and only remember the good ones. Yet when you see me you will be reminded of all my bad qualities. You will be disappointed.

And perhaps that’s a good thing, isn’t it?


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