I’ve just woke up and I’m still tired, but I’m still thinking of this dream I had about this marvelous girl. Wow, was she amazing! But that’s for another time.

At 3 AM the Best Friend, whose Whatsapp notification is darn loud, messaged me twice. I’ve just read the message. He referred to a video on religion and said that videos like these makes him himself defeated in his Christian faith.

A part of me don’t care anymore, to be honest. I’ve spent the last few months absorbed in Christian apologetics. From Craig, to Copan, to Qureshi, and Zacharias, I just can’t get enough.

I’ve been a born again Christian for a few years now and I used to believe in a young earth and King James Onlyism and all that. As I’ve said in this post, last year a friend of mine became an atheist through a combination of evolution, Nietzsche and the new atheists like Hitchens. My lack of comprehensive answers drove me to search for good responses. And boy did I get good responses from the people I’ve just mentioned! But by then it was too late. I’ve failed my friend because I was stupid and pathetic for believing in a young earth and all that jazz. I’ll explain this journey away from YEC and Kent Hovind in another post.

I’ve noticed during the last few years, that more often than not, when I send this Best Friend a link to an amazing video by one of these apologists, this friend of mine would either not have time, not have bandwidth or not have any desire to watch them. In short, because he’s lazy. I remember a few times where I mentioned a particularly insightful Bible verse at his home one day – one which can change his outlook on life, but he was kinda embarrassed to talk about it close to his brother.

To state it clearly: he calls himself a Christian but he is too damn lazy to act like one. He wants to be a Christian, but he is in no mood to change his behaviour. He wants to debate God with atheists on YouTube from time to time, but he is too damn lazy to look up Christian videos on these topics, especially the ones I sent him.

I remember talking to my grandfather about this. I predicted that while at the moment he is  very unconcerned about apologetics, that there will come a time where he will watch a video or read something which will disturb him to the core and make him doubt and leave his faith. And why? Because he was too lazy to care about it in the first place.


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