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Posted on September 5, 2014

People are blind. Stuck in their own world. Their own problems. Their own ideas. Their own dreams.Their own life.

The last couple of days I realised a distinct feature of myself. The ability to see in a person what others do not. Not positive things, but disappointment. The ability to see how a person feels.

A while ago I went to a friend’s 18th Birthday party. A very awesome guy.

When he invited us he asked us who’s going to sleep over. A few said yes, including his best friend. Not wanting to leave my mother alone at home I decided against it.

At the party, however, they decided to drop it. He already had all the stretchers and blankets necessary for a sleepover. I could see the disappointment on his face.

Don’t those fools realise this is his 18th Birthday? When I asked his best friend why he won’t stay he simply said he didn’t know. What the hell?

I tried to put myself in his situation. “Yeah, we’re gonna have a great party and a great sleepover. A typical boys only 18th birthday sleepover with video games, music, snooker, whatever.”

Now everybody says they won’t sleep over. No apologies. No excuses. They simply won’t stay. Why the hell not?

He told about how he thought they are gonna eat pizza and stay up all night. When he asked his best friend the same question he just said that he doesn’t want to sleep late.

When I finally left I simply texted him and said: “Thank you for the party. You’re a great guy and I hope someone stays.” Just so he knows someone cares.

Why didn’t his friends realise what they were doing to him?

I myself frequently fall victim to this kind of attitude.

A year ago my best friend and I decided to go to my house the next day after school. Everything was set.

The next day: Oh, his going to someone else. No apologies. No excuse. He simply forgot. It would bother others if that person were doing it on purpose. But what bothers me is his strong detachment from reality. The fact that he does it without realising it.

This year as well. We’re gonna go to my house and from there to the park nearby. But he first wanted to go to his house (about a mile from mine) to get dressed . So we did.

In his house he got dressed and then afterwords he did a few things on Clash of Clans. He asked me frequently if I was hurried. I replied (with what I thought the right answer) “no”.

I mean it’s half past three. I have to be home at 5. I wanted at least 2 hours with him doing what we came to do. But a few minutes won’t matter, right?

(One personality aspect of myself which people have to know is my patience: I do not mind waiting. What I do mind is wasting my time. Like when you wait for someone, but that person is taking his time talking to someone else. That bothers me.)

He proceeded to then get food and ate it while he watched T.V. (some comedy prank show). After he finished he continued watching. Some 10 minutes later I had damn enough. I got up. I told him I didn’t come here to watch bloody T.V. (I did state it more tactfully, without angering him).

After I told him he finally made ready to go.

But thanks to me being able to see things a bit clearer than most, I simply asked him if he just want to stay. He doesn’t have to come.

What’s the point of dragging him to my house against his will?

I then left and walked 1.5 km uphill on my own. An hour and a half of my life wasted. My day wasted. I could have done so much more. I could have finished my home work and then go to the park on my own. But now I can’t.

Those kinds of actions irritate me to the core.

I realise that I’ve gone way off course in this post, but I’ll keep it that way. I spoke my mind.


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