I found this on one of my dormant social media accounts

Posted on September 5, 2014

Don’t we all have it?

That desire to be different. That desire to be something more. The desire to escape your current predicament. To be someone else. Someone New.

For a while now I’ve seen this in my best friend. Everyone knows him by “The Best Friend” [real name removed from this old post for anonymity]. Just The Best Friend. We’ve been calling him that for years.

I remember a few years ago he told me that in his previous school everyone called him “The Other Name”. Apparently the only reason people started calling him “The Best Friend” is because his new school messed up his name and put his second name first.

But over the years, as I’ve watched him change into a different man I’ve seen a disturbing trend. For the past year he has been more depressed and more volatile. More caught up in his circumstances. Caught up in himself.

The first time I’ve seen this was on DeviantArt. On his profile he said “The Other Name or The Best Friend”. Notice that.

Nobody calls him The Other Name. Not even his mother or brothers. Yet he puts “The Other Name” first. That’s interesting. He wants to be The Other Name. He doesn’t want to be The Best Friend.

But I noticed it again on Facebook. He recently made a new account and once again: “The Best Friend [insert surname] (The Other Name)”.

For a while I thought about logging into his account and changing it. He would never know. But he trusts me, and I him.

This got me thinking about how some people subconsciously desire change. Not everyone, but a lot. They are tired of their life and they want to change over. Fresh. A new beginning.

Not that their lives are particularly hard, but just because they are fed up with it.

This is especially true online. Take a look at your friends and how they react and what they say. Then take a look at them online. On WhatsApp or Facebook. Totally different. They are a lot more frank. A lot more willing to speak their minds. But in person; quiet and reserved.

Because online they can be whomever they wan’t to be. No people to influence them. No one expecting them to act in a certain way.

This sounds good. But it’s awful. How they are online is not how they are, but how they want to be. How they are in person are who they are, but not how they want to be.

They are trapped in their emotions. Trapped in themselves.

To a certain extant this angers me, because they are unwilling to talk about it. “Nobody understands…”. That pathetic cliche.

But then I realise that they don’t even understand themselves. They don’t realise that they yearn to be someone else.

Like my friend. My best friend. Awesome as he is with all his great ideas and unique theories.

But still

they are trapped

in that




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