I found this on one of my dormant social media accounts

Posted on May 3, 2014

Captain America, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Man of Steel, Thor. What do they have in common? They were all watched by me and my friend, together.

Since we were 12 we were the best of friends. We played PlayStation 2, we frequently visited each other and we were inseparable as best friends. He was, in primary school, always a slightly underachiever academically while I was one of the “smart” boys.

How we became friends I never truly discovered, but we did and it was great. I remember us playing school games and doing school work together (which helped him).

It’s difficult to express the kind of friendship we had. We were loyal and we never fought each other. We always remained close, even when we absorbed a new guy, The Best Friend into our friendship fold in our last year of primary school (13 years old).

We were a great group and our new friend made our group even more extraordinary. I was the obedient, smart, academic guy. My Friend the underachieving, yet very loyal, short-tempered one and our new friend the hyper active ADD joker who was hated by the other guys, but adored by the girls (something I will discuss in a later post).

The years passed and few things changed in High School at first. We were more mature (slightly) and the bond between us were as high as always, perhaps even better.

I remember how my best birthday ever was not with a lot of people, but with my Friend playing Portal 2. It was awesome. It’s just the game but we enjoyed the hell out of it. The mind bending two-player puzzle had us scratching our heads.

Two years later things were still good. Looking back I realised it was because we were both single, without girls taking up our time like it did our other friend.

What really showed his loyalty was during the time I had a halo-frame on (Google it) he still frequently visited. I could barely speak, yet we talked. That he did while The Best Friend didn’t come even once. The fact that he visited numerous times really showed his character.

Aside from his parents divorcing about that time I believe the turning point was, I think, last year.

On a vacation with me and my family to Margate (a well known coastal resort) we spent the week together excellently, except for the last day. His grandfather died and I got the message that they wanted ME to tell him.

That might not be the turning point in our friendship, but it could be.

A few months later we still going strong but this year, for some reason, we began drifting away.

I remember early January/February me, him, The Best Friend and another addition to the fold, Waldo and some others sitting at a table at school. He wanted to go fetch something and me and Waldo wanted to go with him. But to my surprise he was irritatingly telling me to stay, while he and Waldo went. I was shocked and I would’ve forgot it had it not happened again and again.

Later on when our group merged with other people, we barely even talked. I always thought we were close together yet I had to hear from The Best Friend that he already slept with a girl who I, ironically, had a crush on for 3 years in primary school and that he already told The Best Friend about the girl he is in love with at the moment. Why tell him? And not me?

I would forgive him not telling me, for I thought perhaps he was ashamed to tell me because I’ve tried to live a Christian life and maybe he thought I would be disappointed or something.

The sad part is that when I realised how far away we’ve gone, I decided not to stop it. I didn’t purposely ignore him, but I didn’t seek for occasion to talk to him. We’ve grown separate and our lifestyle’s and personalities are different. So long, dear friend.

Since it started happening I’ve watched two Marvel movies without him…

I don’t know what the point of this long post is. I guess I just wanted to convey my feelings to the world and hear of people who had similar experiences.

You’re not alone.


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