At this moment I should be learning for my semester test in less than 5 hours – and I still have a whole unit to learn – but I thought I’d write this. I am not stressed at all. Seriously. I’m not stressed. Definitely not stressed. So not stressed.


This blog has been invaluable for me. Often times I have these thoughts which I have to share with somebody. I feel like if I don’t a part of me will change.

Well last week or the week before it happened again. It was either about next year or how people don’t understand me or something. In fact I forgot. I was tempted to share my heart on this blog again, but instead I did what I sometimes do:

At night I made a cup of coffee (real coffee, not “coffee”) and I went outside to the small walkway connecting the two buildings of our accommodation.  I then poured out my heart to God. I told him everything that bothered me – good and bad. I told him of what others do that irritates me. How I do not like them doing this or that. I did also tell him that I know I’m wrong for judging them for certain things, but nonetheless I told him just how I felt. About everything in my mind and heart.

I do this often. Afterwards all the problems still remain (God ain’t a fairy-godmother only there to make your wishes come true. He’s a person as well). But the difference is a change in heart and a change in mind.

Now, a week or so later I cannot even remember what it was. So – for a change – instead of posting about how people made me feel, I’m posting about how I can talk to Christ about it.

Can you?


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