In this series I’ll document stuff which irritates me. Few things bother me, but the things that do makes me crazy.

The first on the list pertains to music. Oftentimes I would sit by my laptop and play fantastic music, getting lost within the message… then my friend who sits on my bed will start watching music videos.

Or – EVEN WORSE – is when I am so captivated by a song or an artist that I want to share it with somebody. I will be so passionate about the song and ask the person to listen to it: to take account of the depth of the lyrics or the song in general… only for them to talk to me about other crap while it plays. Or they will ask me if they can play me a song… before mine even finished.

It bothers me because whenever you share something you are very passionate about with someone else, you are in effect sharing a part of yourself. This can be a photograph, a painting, a video game, or whatever. You love it and by loving it you make it a part of you. You are so passionate about it that you just have to share it with someone else. You want to share your world, your life. When that someone else does not give it the attention you think is owed to the work – or at least to you – you feel a part of yourself being rejected.

And that is what bothers us.


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