This year I am living in a kind of student commune. There’s no campus activities, but it caters for students. There are three buildings within it: block A, B and C. I am currently living in block C on the top floor with the “true friend”. I stay in 60B and he in 60A. We share a bathroom and kitchen. We each pay the commune separately: unless otherwise requested, the commune decide with whom we stay.

This year he told me that his parents want him to live with his brother next year, so he and I cannot stay together next year. It bothered me that he’s parents is so adamant about this. Why the hell should I live with someone new? Why can’t his brother live with a stranger? But I thought: it is their choice. Perhaps they have their reasons. But here’s the thing, he (and I) will still live in this student commune next year. So I thought: okay, I’m going to stay in just a different room in perhaps a different block. Because I won’t live with him, I decided to take a better room with an en suite bathroom, even though I love my current room. Today I had to choose between staying at block A or the ground floor of block C. After intense thought I opted for the latter.

Then it struck me: Why the hell do I have to move? Now it’s too late, but why?

Next year every resident who stays on will still stay in the same room as this year. This means that if I did not upgrade, I would stay in exactly the same one: in 60B. He has no right to evict me. We all just assumed that as he will stay with his brother that I will move out. But I don’t have to! But now I will. If I wanted to be an asshole I could’ve stayed in 60B, regardless of his family’s protests. Which means that he would have had to search another room to stay with his brother in. Worse, if there were no openings, he would have been forced to stay in his current room with me.

Why did everyone just assume this? They, especially my friend, didn’t have any bad intentions. All of us just assumed this. Why?



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