I’m writing this post more to document this dream. With this I mean I’m writing this for myself, just like most of the posts on this blog. It may not seem interesting to other people. I just feel like I shouldn’t quite forget this dream (yet). It feels like one of those dreams you’ll forget in a few days.

Before I begin I’m saying this: While I was making this paragraph above I was wondering why I was using English for this post instead of Afrikaans. If I am writing this post solely for myself, then why use English and not my mother tongue?
I immediately knew the answer. I’ve known it in the back of my mind for a while. If I were to write some of the things on this blog in Afrikaans, things would – at least for me – feel a thousandfold more detailed, gritty and personal. By using English I am avoiding this intense… emotion (?).

Anyway, to the dream.

I believe I was in some kind of mall. It was just before or after some event. Perhaps I just arrived from the airport or I was going to go somewhere with some people. I vaguely recall talking to a guy and a girl about something related to whatever was going on and for some reason he ended up with my jacket. A short while after they left I realised I left my phone in the jacket’s pocket.

So immediately I rushed through the mall trying to find them. I remember being perplexed by the amount of book stores in the mall. At one time I was questioning being so rash and intruding on people walking by by running into them. But I quickly decided that finding my phone was more important than a few strangers’ comfort.

At one point I walked or ran down a flight of stairs. At the end of them was a sort of platform. You know those rectangular platforms joining flights of stairs? No? Well anyway the platform both had a flight of stairs leading upwards and another leading downwards.

On this platform I ran into a girl I knew. Not one I know in real life. A girl which in the dream was slightly familiar. We started talking about I know not what. I recall still being anxious to find my phone, but after a while I forgot about it. I remember while we talked I kept trying not to look her in the eyes. I think she tried (or simply told me) to look her in the eyes while we talked. All I know is that we had a great conversation.

I can’t remember how she looks. All I know is that a part of her face was slightly darker than the rest. A dark line (just darker, not black) across her face between her eyes and her nose. Like a black and white picture with a line across it being darker than the rest of the picture.

For some reason I had to leave by going down the stairs. I remember having my arm around her waist as we walked towards the stairs. I think she also held me in the same way. I was slightly amazed at this. I mean after all we barely know each other. A part of me wanted to let her go – to stop holding her as we walked – because I thought I was making her uncomfortable. So I decided I will keep her by my side with my arm around her waist until she left me, until she took away her arm from me. She didn’t. This was both strange and amazing. Those two or three steps away from the stairs felt like ages. Long, beautiful millennia.

I don’t remember how we said goodbye, if we did. It’s a dream after all.

Such dreams are incredibly rare for me. Usually in my dreams good things like this don’t happen. Usually I will wake up before they do. I rarely have dreams as sweet as this.

I mean it sounds rather dull: I had a dream where I walked with a girl to a flight of stairs. So interesting (sarcasm). Yet in a dream the feelings one feels are not like in normal life. They are closer to your heart than when you are awake. They are more intense.





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