So it’s 11:10 PM. I have to study for my politics exam… which I might fail… or else I should go to sleep and get up early. But for some reason I returned to this blog and I read through some of the stuff I posted on The Girl. As I have been thinking a bit about her this past week or two, I thought I would write one last thing about her. But be warned, I’m going to talk about a dream I had… a dream that was kinda… edgy… (if you know what I mean) and perhaps a bit weird or creepy. So excuse me for this. So be warned, this is at least a somewhat mature post.

So this year I’ve barely thought about her. It’s been great living hear with the True Friend. We talk about a lot: about superficial things like Civilization 5 or random things people do, and also deep things about God and life and all that. This year is so much better than last year.

Yet the last week or two I couldn’t help myself but think a little bit about The Girl. I guess it’s because it’s been almost exactly a year since I started to develop an interest in her. I remember it was also just before the exams when I started to have feelings for her.

I began to think about her after I had a dream. It cannot recall what happened in the dream at all, but something weird happened after the dream. Normally when you dream something you will forget the details the next day or week. Now I had another dream a few months ago. I almost forgot about it. Yet after I had this second dream a week or two ago, I immediately, for some strange reason, while I was laying in the bed, remembered every detail of that first dream. It’s as though I had to be in a dream state to remember past dreams.

— Edit: I removed a large part because it was a bit risque —


Back to The Girl. Lately, because of this increased thinking about her this week, I’ve been going to her Facebook wall to just see what is happening, not that she posts much. I want to unfriend her. I also want to remove her number from my phone (she already lost my number). There’s only one reason I don’t want to.

I study Zulu at the university. She does as well. But I honestly thank God that she attends the evening lectures, so I never see her. Out of sight, out of mind. Yet I realised that next semester, should I continue with Zulu, we might attend the same classes. I know that should it happen she is bound to request my help during the course and then I’ll have to explain why I removed her as a friend.

I really don’t want to have class with her again. Ever. Not just for Facebook. I don’t want her in my life anymore. I’m willing to drop Zulu to avoid the possibility of it. Should I?


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