This is not meant as being condescending in any way, though I apologise if it comes off that way. I admit that I become very irritated when my fellow brothers and sisters do these things. And I know I am also guilty of these things at times. My goal is simply to make you aware of this.

#1 We secularize ourselves

Now this I need to explain. Put simply secularism is a process through which the divine (God) is removed from actions, academics and the public sphere. To put it bluntly: to secularise something is to separate and remove it from God.

It is to say “Okay God, I will worship You here, but when friends come I will not play my Christian music… because it ain’t cool.” You are in effect taking God out of a part of your life. Christ should permeate our every thought and deed.

Last year on my birthday I got a couple of friends over. I wanted to play my music, but my two best friends… who are Christian… immediately had the up most concern that I would play my music there, as they know I am a huge fan of Christian music. Not because it’s boring, I mean YouTube a few artists like For King and Country or MercyMe to see it is far from it. But because, in their mind, a party isn’t the place for God.

This is not right. You shouldn’t say “Okay, this is a Christian song and this is not. I’ll play the non-Christian song”. There shouldn’t be a division. Christ should permeate everything. Once again, there’s nothing wrong with other music. Just make sure that you do not divide things into Christian and non-Christian, holy and secular, with God and without God.  To put it bluntly, make sure you are not ashamed of Christ. That you are not putting the almighty saviour who loves you and died for you into a box. If you are, you better read Matthew 10:33 (you can search it yourself).

Whenever I think of this topic, I think of Tenth Avenue North’s song All the Earth is Holy Ground

All the earth is holy ground

I don’t believe in secular things

Where ever I go the Sacred’s inside

I have the Sacred inside


P. S. For artists who do not believe in secularism, look for Michael W. Smith, Joe Niemand (if possible), Tenth Avenue North, NF, Lecrae, MercyMe, Casting Crowns and TobyMac.


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