Listen to this song first, and then after your done, replay it while reading this. Preferably listen only without watching the music video, since it’s the atmosphere of the song I want you to get.



In South Africa we have a number of Afrikaans centered holiday resorts called the ATKV. One of them, Hartenbos (the bush of hearts), is situated by the east coast. Aside from the beach, there are always a number of cultural activities during the holidays; famous artists would come, beach games would be played and a number of food fairs would be held.

During the nigh my sister and I were at a small amusement park which also has arcade machines and excellent music. We liked a specific ride, called the Breakdance. If you can do a Google image search of it to understand what it’s about. On the ride you are basically in a seat which revolves in a high speed over the platform, doing all sorts of crazy movements… like a break-dance I guess.

Here’s a picture of a similar one I found on the internet. 800px-Breakdance-Mueller_Corny.jpg

So picture a perfect holiday night teen atmosphere with people running around, rides going crazy with lights, a clear sky and Fireflies by Owl City playing in the air…

I really enjoyed that ride that one night. And that night I noticed a girl. She also liked the ride.  I can barely remember how she looks. All I can recall is her beautiful, long brown hair and her extremely mysterious look as she sat on that ride while Fireflies played.

After that night I think I saw her once more in the same place at night and with the same song. And now, I don’t know how many years later, every time I hear this song I still recall that place, that atmosphere, with this song, with that girl.


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