When the darkness closes in, Lord

Still I will say

Blessed be the name of the Lord

Blessed be Your name

You give and take away

~ Blessed Be Your Name

At this very moment I’m listening to Matt Redman’s Blessed Be Your Name. To really get the jest of this post, please listen to it. Hears a YouTube link to it. 

Four or five years ago, when I was fourteen (in grade 9 – the second year of highs school) there was a guy in my class, Martin. He was one of those kids who never did his work and who always got into fights. One of those people who you know has serious issues. He had friends, but they were just like him.

That year we had RTT. In it we basically just learned how to type on computers and how to use Word and PowerPoint. Now Martin was always scolded by our female teacher for being late. They also had fights in the class numerous times.

The only time I personally had any contact with him was when I accidentally knocked his phone out of his hands as I passed by. I got a hell of a hard punch on my arm for it, but I really didn’t take any offence.

My friend told me that on that day Martin simply came into his class, engineering, and simply said “I’m expelled” and walked out.

That night he hanged himself.

Our class, or most of it (me and my friend and a few others never knew him) was devastated. Especially one of our teachers. In fact on the funeral the whole school cancelled class. I never went, but I heard from someone else that they played “Blessed Be Your Name” there, which explains why I’m writing this.

The next day after his death, when everyone heard of it, we had RTT again. Now the teacher always called out the names of the people on her register, and we’ll simply say “here”. That day she did it again: Jake? “Here!”. Lewis? “Here!”.



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